How to do a Factory Reset for the HP Officejet Pro 8600?

Factory Reset HP Officejet Pro 8600

HP Officejet pro 8600 is an all in one printer which satisfies your high volume printing requirements. 250 sheet paper input capacity, auto duplexing, cloud printing becomes the top and the best features of your hp office jet pro 8600 printers. If you prefer high speed and good quality printing, go for your hp office jet pro 8600 printers now. Below are the steps to do factory reset HP Officejet Pro 8600.Factory Reset HP Officejet pro 8600

Factory Reset

You also have the Factory reset option on your HP office jet pro 8600 printer which allows you to reset all the settings on your printer. The setting enables you to run your printer smoothly and also overcomes the error codes that occur while using the printer.

  • Turn off your printer as the first step in a factory reset.
  • You can now wait for ten seconds and then turn on the printer again.
  • Your printer will now be turned on. Press the back button on the front panel four times
  • A support menu will now appear and you can choose the required settings for Factory reset hp office jet pro 8600

Other steps to do a factory Reset for the HP Officejet Pro 8600

  • Turn on your printer now.
  • The next step is to disconnect the power cord from the rear side of the printer
  • Now unplug the power cord from the wall outlet

 There are three types of Factory reset HP Officejet pro 8600

To access the reset menu, all you need is to navigate through the right. The different types of reset are available namely the partial Reset, The semi-full reset and the Full reset.

The partial Reset

  • The partial Reset is simple and it helps to refresh your system. The option clear outs the memory which is not required.
  • The option is very useful in fixing the printing issues such as slow printing and the cartridge errors

Semi Full Reset

Semi Full Reset is the most useful for the other types of reset available. If you use your Semi Full Reset, all the custom settings of your printer will be cleared and your printer will return to the default or the original settings.

 Full Reset

Full Reset is considered as the most powerful reset among the all. You can try these settings if the other options like partial reset and the semi-full reset don’t work. Try performing a reset now for the effective functioning of your printer.