How to Use Voice Control in HP Printer – Virtual Assistance

  1. Voice Control in HP Printer

Voice Control:

HP is smartening up its printers with the new addition of the voice command support. The HP Printer owners can now command their printer to print.Using the voice control in HP printer is the latest wave in consumer technology. Voice Capability is the most happening thing in the recent years. The HP Printers is going to use the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance for voice control.

HP was looking forward to introducing voice control to its printers. It has been working sincerely for that. It introduced the Google assistant and Cortana last year. Provide the command you want your printer to perform to the virtual assistant to perform. You can now connect Alexa-Enabled devices to your HP Home printer now.

HP Printer Voice Control:

HP was previously using the virtual assistance through

  • Microsoft’s Cortana
  • Google assistance
  • The new addition to this is the Amazon’s Alexa.

HP is the first printer company to introduce the Virtual Assistance in HP printers. You can now control your printer with voice commands. Make your home printing experience even more smarted with artificial technology using the voice commands to the speakers.

You should obtain the printer’s email address to establish a web-based connection.

Get the printer’s email address with the following steps:

  • Power on your printer and insert a plain white sheet into the tray.
  • You can do one of the following
    • Touch the HP ePrint button
    • Or if you cannot find the button then from the printer control panel find the printer’s email address
    • Press the info button and the web services button simultaneously. This will result in printing the Web service information sheet.
  • If you cannot find the email address then do the following
    • Check if the web services if turned off. Turn on the feature using the instructions given on our website.
    • After you turn it on check for printer updates. You will get a print out of instructions along with the email address.
    • If the web service is already on then either touch the print button or printer info button to get the email address.
    • If you still do not get the printer email address, then turn off the web service and turn it on again to get a new email address.

Microsoft’s Cortana:

You can now command your printer to print directly from any Cortana activated devices. You can easily link nay Cortana activated devices to your HP printer and print seamlessly.

  • Install the Cortana app on to your mobile device (Android or IOS).
  • Open the app and provide your Microsoft account login details.
  • Create an account if you do not have one.
  • Hold the microphone icon down and say, “Cortana, Talk to HP Printer” command.
  • The HP Printer Skill opens up after the command.
  • Choose the sign in with Microsoft option.
  • Provide your email address/phone number and then select next.
  • Keep following the instructions that you see on the screen.
  • Click on Yes from the prompt message to permit HP Printer skill use the calendar and Microsoft profile.
  • Provide the printer’s email address.
  • Choose the Finish and Start printing option to complete the setup.

How to print with HP Print skill:

  • Connect your printer to a working wireless internet connection.
  • Command, “Cortana, ask HP to print…” along with the name of the content you want to print.

Amazon’s Alexa:

The new addition to the voice control in HP printer is the Amazon’s Alexa. To enable the voice control using Amazon’s Alexa, you should enable the HP Print skill.

  • Get the printer’s email ID with the above-mentioned steps.
  • You can enable the HP print skill from both your mobile and using your system
  • For a mobile device, download the Amazon Alexa App.
  • Click on the menu icon from the App and choose the Skills option.
  • Look for HO from the menu and choose the HP printers from the Skills list.
  • Tap Enable, to enable it.
  • Choose the save permissions option to provide the access to your printing lists.
  • Provide your printer’s email address
  • Choose the Finish and Start printing option to complete the setup.

How to print with Amazon Alexa:

After you enabled the HP Print skills, say “Alexa, Ask my printer to…” with the content you want to print. Make sure your printer is not idle and is ON and ready.

Google Assistant:

Print directly from your Google home using the google assistant. You can also print pre-formatted contents from google.

Connecting HP Printer App to Google account:

  • Download the Google Assistant App on to your mobile (Android or IOS)
  • Open the app and click on the menu option.
  • Navigate down to the productivity
  • Choose the HP Printer from that section.
  • From the HP Printer screen tap the LINK
  • Click on the Allow option and then complete the setup.
  • After you successfully link your HP printer to your Google account, go back to the previous page.
  • Choose the TRY IT option from the previous page.

Note: get your printer’s email address with the steps given above. Register your printer with that email address to the Google cloud print. Follow the instructions you find on our website to do that.

How to print with Google Home:

Use the HP Printer app to print with Google home using the command ”Hey Google, Talk to my printer. this will turn on the printer and keep it in the ready state. Provide commands like “ hey google, ask HP Printer to print…” the content you want to print the content you need.

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