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HP Officejet pro 6975 software

The HP Officejet Pro 6975 software provides every customer with an Officejet Pro 6975 with a great printing experience. The printer by itself is a remarkable device that supports in-office color. You can print laser quality for less than 50 % of the cost of laser. They have four in one feature where you can print, scan, copy and fax.

HP Officejet pro 6975 Printer not found during network Driver Setup: (For MAC):
This blog is for HP Officejet pro 6975 with a wireless or wired network connection with MAC computers.

Method 1: Restart your devices:
• Disconnect the power cable from all your devices (Router and printer).
• Close all the programs that are open on your MAC computer and then shut down your computer (123.hp.com/setup).
• Now connect the power cord to your Router and check for the internet connection.
• Connect the power cord to your printer and turn it on.
• Switch on your computer
• Now try to install the HP Officejet pro 6975 software again.
• In case your printer is recognized then your issue is solved.
• If your printer is not recognized then check for other methods below.

Method 2: Manually connect your printer to your network:
• If you have not connected your printer using wireless connection you can skip this step.
• Use the Wireless Setup Wizard if you have text based or Touch based control panel to set up your network connection manually.
Connection with a Touch based or Text based Control Panel
• Before you proceed have these following things ready.
o Network Name(SSID)
o Password for your Network
o A system that is connected to your wireless network.
• If you have connected your printer to the system with USB disconnect it.
• From the printer control panel go to Setup and then select Network or wireless menu.
• Select on Wireless setup Wizard, follow the instructions that come on your system screen to connect your printer to your network.
• If you are able to connect to the wireless network now try downloading the HP Officejet pro 6975 software for printer driver.
• If you are not able to connect to the wireless network check for the following method below.

Method 3: Try resetting the print settings:
Note: Resetting the print settings can delete all the printers in the queue be it an HP printer or a non HP printer.
• Click on the Apple menu and then select System Preferences from the menu.
• Based on your OS version Click on Print and Fax, Print and Scan or Printers and Scanners.
• You will find a blank space below the printers list. Right click here where you find a printer name listed and select reset print settings.
• You will see a confirmation window. In that select Reset.
• Enter the name of the administrator and the appropriate password. And then select OK.
• After resetting is successful you will not see any printer listed.
• Try to install the HP Officejet pro 6975 software again
• If you see the printer listed then the issue is solved.

If you do not find the printer still contact our technical support team who can guide you through the solution.
Choosing one of these methods will resolve the issue that occurs during the installation of the HP Officejet pro 6975 software. Visit our website 123-hp-com-ojpro.com or call our support team at +1-820-300-0230 if you still have the issues.