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HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Digital Fax Setup

When this HP Digital Fax is enabled for HP OfficeJet pro 8715, the printer device gets the incoming faxes and saves them directly to a network folder which is set for this purpose.

HP Digital Fax is excellent for saving all your important faxes, to a PC folder on your network. Alternatively, you can forward these faxes as email attachments. However, note that you cannot use the fax to folders and emails simultaneously at the same time. HP Digital Fax has several supporting features for black and white faxes but unfortunately, does not support color faxes.

If you want to set up HP Digital Fax on your HP OfficeJet pro 8715 printers for Windows:

  • Open the Printer software from HP (Windows)
  • Then proceed to click the Print
  • Find the Scan & Fax option, and then click on Fax
  • Choose the Digital Fax Setup and then clearly follow the onscreen instructions, which will help you set the HP Digital Fax.

When you are setting the HP Digital Fax from the printer software (123.hp.com/setup) through the (OS X):

  • Get the HP Utility opened
  • Click on the archive of the Digital Fax and clearly follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Save and Test the link to ensure that the network folder is working accurately

When you are setting the HP Digital Fax from Embedded web server (EWS):

  • Open the EWS. For more updates on the EWS, speak to our agents who shall gladly help you.
  • Click on the Fax to Email to the Network Folder which is found in the Setup
  • Do as per the online instructions given
  • Save and Test the link to ensure that the network folder is active

Note that black-and-white faxes are received through the HP Digital Fax, whereas color faxes are actually printed instead. When you use the Fax to Network Folder option, there is no notification about the faxes which are saved to the network folder.