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Cartridge Issues with the HP OfficeJet pro 8725

If you have cartridge issues with your HP OfficeJet pro 8725, read this article to handle all the printer cartridge issues you may get.

Users resort to third party or duplicate cartridges, as they rely on the savings that are made with cheaper cartridges. Cheaper cartridges may cost lower, but it affects the longevity of printer device. This is what you need to do if your 8725’s cartridge is giving you a headache.

  • Check compatibility factor of the inserted ink cartridges (123.hp.com/setup)
  • Most of the issues that crop during this installation process are due to the incompatible ink cartridges that are placed with this model.
  • Troubleshoot any error notification you may receive for incompatible cartridges that are inserted in the system
  • Always ensure that the device is switched off, when you are pushing the tray back to the printer after placing the cartridge.
  • After setting the cartridge, check if the printer is silent.
  • The cartridge should always be inserted in the correct slot. If you have any queries with the same, call our toll-free agents.

Use our online guidance site for HP OfficeJet pro 8725 ’s cartridge issues with the help of our online experts. Stay tuned to this space, for more updates.

After you have completed cleaning:

  • Insert the cartridges after cleaning. Clean the cartridge before putting it into the slot and wait till the cartridge is idle and silent.
  • Check if any ink or debris is smeared on the cartridge.
  • To clear out the dirt, you can use a moistened foam rubber swab for cleaning.
  • After this process is completed, you can reinsert the cartridges.
  • Always try to clean the cartridge contacts, to solve the issue at this step.
  • Ensure cartridge electrical contacts are promptly cleaned.
  • Nozzle cleaning should be avoided, as this will result in printer damage.