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  1. HP OJP 8725 Troubleshooting

HP OJP 8725 Troubleshooting Tips:

HP OJP 8725 printer provides you printing with high volume and better speed. Automatic document feeder, high paper input capacity, Amazing design features make the printer more user-friendly. Users often face issues troubleshooting your HP OJP Pro 8725 printers. Here are some of the easy guidelines or HP OJP 8725 troubleshooting steps you can follow.

Errors with Automatic document Feeder

  • Load the paper counts below 50
  • Use paper with high quality and the speed.

Clean the papers pick rollers

Paper feed issues on HP OfficeJet 8725 printer can be caused due to the dust that accumulates on the paper pick rollers. Cleaning the rollers can avoid or overcome the error to a greater extent.

Reset your HP OJP 8725 printer

  • Resetting the printer can be done by following the below steps. Press the power off button and your printer will be turned off. The next step is to disconnect the printer from the power cord and the electrical outlet.
  • Power can be plugged back to the electrical outlet after waiting few minutes.
  • Turn on your printer now and most of the connectivity issues of the HP OJP 8725 printers can be resolved
  • If the above steps don’t work and you still face the issue, servicing your HP OJP 8725 printers will be the best solution

Ink system failure of HP OJP 8725  

Always use the cartridges recommended by HP. Using cartridges of other brands may most often cause printing errors.

Clean the cartridges

  • Clean the Ink cartridges and try reinstalling it to overcome the errors while printing your documents.
  • Check the functionality of your printer by printing a test page.
  • Print the printer status report or a test page to verify the functionality of the printer. If you had completed all the steps and still the issue is not resolved, visit the respective HP website and the troubleshooting guidelines can be obtained.
  • Manuals or user guidelines are available and you can use it for obtaining further trouble shooting guidelines. You also have options to view or download the manuals.

Find the above guidelines for troubleshooting the HP OJP 8725 printers. To know more, you can call us on our toll-free number +1-820-300-0230 or