Why is my HP Officejet Pro 6960 Offline?

HP Officejet pro 6960 Offline

Verifying the status of the connection and resetting the printer should help resolve the HP Officejet pro 6960 offline issue:

HP Officejet pro 6960 Offline

Reset the printer first:

  • If the printer is off, just switch it on and verify the status and connectivity of the printer
  • Some print jobs may be cleared out by your printer – this could imply that the printer is actually online when it starts printing from the queue
  • If this is the case, then just stop the troubleshooting and proceed with the rest of your functions

Another trouble the printer could be giving:

  • The printer appears online but drags into an idle state once it has been restarted
  • At the same time, if you feel that the printer is HP Officejet pro 6960 offline here is what you can do:
  • Even as the printer is on, disconnect the power cord from it and also remove the plug from the outlet wall
  • Let the device sit for at least 60 seconds before you restart it
  • Plug all the power cords back again to the printer and the wall outlet
  • Press the power button on (the printer usually turns on automatically)
  • The Devices and Printers window appears
  • Look for the name of your printer and right-click to choose Printer Properties
  • At the Properties window press the Ports tab
  • Under Printers locate the name of your printer
  • If a USB connection is used by the printer ensure that the port name or description includes USB or DOT4
  • The port name or description should also include:
  • WSD
  • Network
  • Standard TCP/IP Port
  • If network connection is used by the printer then the HP Standard TCP/IP Port should be included

Setting up the OJ PRO 6960

  • If the previously chosen port does not match choose the correct port type
  • This is also the current connection used by the printer
  • If issues are persistent then you can proceed to reinstalling the software
  • By uninstalling and reinstalling the printing software the problems that raised during the original installation might be resolved
    • Disconnect the USB cable
    • Press Programs and Features in the available list of results under the programs and features on the Windows
    • Now search in the list, look for the HP printer software to uninstall it
    • Start the computer again once you have done this
    • Now the HP printer software should be installed again
    • Download the software from the installation disc or from the relevant and recommended website
    • Now if you try and print again, the printer should work

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