Reviewing the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978

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HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 – Review

HP OfficeJet pro 6978 has a great display screen which is definitely incredible and hassle-free with a great readable screen. You find the touchscreen display to be incredibly reactive which comes across as a great news for users. The highlight of the HP OfficeJet pro 6978 lies with the absolutely effective touchscreen display screen.

If you are planning to use HP OfficeJet pro 6978 as a Wi-Fi printing device, it would be advisable to not use it as a straight Wi-Fi printing device. Always get rid of the excess Wireless connection. You can use the Ethernet cord like a substitute to get the router hooked post the network installation. You may need five minutes to get your device reactivated and your WIFI restarted. The biggest advantage of the HP 6978 printer is the fitting factor for both office and home atmospheres.

There are good connectivity ports with HP OfficeJet pro 6978 and pretty impressive scanning hardware. Owing to the solid scanning hardware specifications, the scanning quality is great in this model. Make use of Instant Ink Ready Cartridge, which leverages the advantage of using original HP ink for your model. The mobile application, Wi-Fi Direct facility, and the HP Social Media Snapshot accompanies the HP OfficeJet series. There are many printing apps which are available for making your printing exercises more efficient.

Make use of the mobile printing option by downloading the printing apps ( Check if such mobile printing option is enabled on your phone. Such mobile printing facility brings printing from anywhere quite possible by transferring the documents from the mobile to the printer email address. You will need to give the right paper size options when you are using the mobile printing option.
Use the companion feature to get it featured and connected to your home system, laptop or other connecting devices. If you download and install the printer companion software, it enables you to get started with printing, or scanning and copying files.

Every Black cartridge capacity comes around to approximately 480 pages, and color cartridge capacity comes to almost 150 pages. The cartridge capacity depends on the type of content that is required to be printed along with the number of colored elements which are present in the source file to be printed.

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