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Troubleshoot HP OfficeJet Pro Printer Scanner Connection Error

Troubleshoot HP OfficeJet Pro printers ( with the help of this article. Here were are dealing with the scanner connection error that you may come across on the Windows platform. When you connect the printer to your computer with a Windows operating system and if the connection fails, then you will probably be prompted with one of these below-given error messages.

“An error occurred communicating with the scanning device”

This error message is displayed on your computer when the system is unable to establish a connection with the printer/scanner device. This error is common to both wired and wireless connections.

“Computer not found”

When the printer is unable to locate the computer/laptop this message is displayed. Chances are that your computer’s network has an issue troubleshooting which will give you a solution to this problem.

“An error occurred while communicating with the HP imaging device”

The HP imaging device is nothing but your scanner. In some devices, the scanner is a different entity and not connected with your printer. This case leads to you having this particular error message.

“Scan to computer is currently unavailable”

 There is possibly not enough memory in your computer to complete the scanning process and that is when this error message gets displayed.

“No Computer Detected”

The USB wire connected to the computer from the printer is either not connected properly or is faulty. Or if it is a wireless connection, then check the network connection to complete the troubleshooting process.

“Scan Unsuccessful”

This happens when the connections are intact but the scan has failed due to a mismatch in the file formats.

“Scan to computer no longer activated”

Some settings in your scanner have been disabled and so you will be prompted with this message.

“Scanner Unreachable”

This is purely caused by a network issue.

“Scanner not found”

When the scanner cannot be detected by the computer, then you will have to change the method by which you are connecting it to the computer.

“The scanner could not be initialized”

Initialization has to be done before an attempt is made to do the scan. If not done properly, you will face with this error message.

General steps to Troubleshoot HP OfficeJet Pro are,

  • All related devices can be restarted before starting the process again
  • Check all connections between the printer/scanner and the computer
  • Use the Scan doctor function to find the root cause of the issue
  • Uninstall and reinstall the software once and then begin the scan process

Troubleshoot HP OfficeJet Pro scanner connection issue by clearly understanding the problem that your printer is facing and apply the correct solution to overcome the problem. Get the more information at or +1-820-300-0230.